This dramatic new project of the Jerusalem artist Norman Slepkov, began five years ago as a dream and, through many stages of thumbnail sketches, began the route to reality three years ago, in 2008.

This website was created by Norman for the specific purpose of showcasing the production of this immense project to you, the viewer.

Each page of the traditional Haggadah is displayed as a separate page and, by clicking on the image in the top right-hand corner of each page, a high-resolution image will open for you. The artist has also supplied you with the English translations for any extracts on the page, all taken from either the Bible (the 5 books of Moses, the Prophets or Scriptures) or from the daily prayer book.

The Haggadah is scheduled for completion during the next two years and it is the artistís hope that at one point in the near future, it go on a travelling exhibition. It is his dream that the Haggadah will be published and eventually go on sale in major bookstores so that you can enjoy his artistry and magnificent palette while you sit with your families during the Passover holiday and festive meal.

NOTE: The artist wishes to apologize for the temporary poor quality of the images, as the pages will not be professional scanned until they have gone through the final proofreading and corrections so the digital images you see are from the artist's own digital camera.


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