B'Yad Ḥazakah

Decorative Extracts
Right panel shadow boxes (top to bottom): "Thou stretchedst out thy right hand: The earth swallowed them"
[Exodus 15:12]

"Thou shalt strike the rock and there shall come water out of it that the people may drink:"
[Exodus 17:6]

"And Moses hid his face for he was afraid to look upon God:"
[Exodus 3:7]

"And you shall take this rod in your hand and ye shall make signs:"
[Exodus 4:17]

"He made him to suck honey out of the rock and oil out of the flinty rock:"
[Deuteronomy 32:13]

Left panel shadow boxes (top to bottom): "And I shall stretch out my hand and smite Egypt with all my wonders:"
[Exodus 3:20]

"Nation shall not lift up sword against nation: Neither shall they learn war anymore:"
[Isaiah 2:5]

"Who is like unto thee O Lord among the gods: Who is like thee glorious in holiness:"
[Exodus 15:11]

"And Aaron spoke all the words which the Lord had spoken unto Moses and did the signs in the sight of the people:"
[Exodus 4:30]

"Behold I will rain bread for you from heaven:"
[Exodus 16:4]

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